Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tim and Tom app

 IBoo Interactive is a studio in Lyon, France. They do interactive books and apps for more then a year. One of their first projects was this charming interactive book "Tim and Tom" ("Moutcho et Pitrouille" in french), which is aimed to kids aged 3 to 7.

"Tim and Tom" produced by IBoo Interactive together with Dandeloo and BENTO studio

 Originally it was an idea for an animated TV series by Cedric Babouche, but for one reason or for another it didn't happen yet. Marina Roel, director of IBoo interactive, liked the characters and the concept. IBoo got funding from Rhone-Alpes region and the production started. 

 Here is the Making of Moutcho and Petroille app video, it shows step by step creation of this interactive book. They used Unity game engine to animate and develop it. 

 The story is about cute Tim and Tom and their mission to wake up all inhabitants of the forest: Little Flower, Tralala, Rameau and the whole family of rocks. Yeah, in their world each leaf, each rock is alive. The book has 7 interactive pages. The soundtrack is a really charming earworm. 
 Great illustrations, accompanied by cute sound effects and nice animation, bring the whole Tim and Tom world to life. 
 This book is the first one, but the plan is to make couple of them. Here is the promo of the animated TV series.

 You can download "Tim and Tom" here, it's free! There is english, french and spanish version of app.
 More about Cedric Babouche and his fabulous works -

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