Friday, 30 November 2012

Instagram for illustrators

I have about 900 followers on my Instagram, even if i suspect some of them are robots, i really enjoy being there and show my work to people. I think Instagram is a powerful tool for artists to promote our work.

me on instagram @neverland_dictator

Actually i've found one of my current client (and now my good friend) writer Ellis Pendens on Instagram. I liked her picture, she looked at my works and she e-mailed me offering some illustration work for her new chapter book.

If you are an artist, please don't underestimate Instagram. It doesn't take lots of time, it's easy to use and it's so satisfying to see likes and new followers. I started my Instagram in september, it took a while to get all this followers, but it's worth it. Here are couple of thoughts, how to make your Instagram profile attractive:
1. Be active, like, comment and follow others!
2. Make sure your profile is constant in the content (personally, i prefer to follow artists, who have lots of their work there, not only family pictures)
3. Regularly post pictures (at least twice a week)
4. Use tags (so other people can find your lovely pictures)

I enjoy looking at works of other illustrators and painters as well. Here is the list of artists i recommend to follow! (There are many many more, i will dedicate the whole post to them later).









and i don't mind if you would like to follow me, neverland_dictator!


  1. I liked her picture, she looked instaflow at my works and she e-mailed me offering some illustration work for her new chapter book.

  2. I think Instagram is a powerful manage instagram followers tool for artists to promote our work.

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