Thursday, 13 December 2012

Foldify app review

This morning was very special, i even woke up a bit earlier then usual. Today the Foldify app was released in app store! It's an amazing, unique and innovative app. It connects the virtual and real world. You can create your own paper toy design and then print it out and make the actual toy. Also you can share your creation with others online, so people can print your toy as well. I'm sure this app will spread over the planet very quickly and become a virus.

My small tips to make sure you have nice experience with Foldify (i made all this errors when i first used it):

1. Save the colors you are using (it's not Photoshop, so you can't pick the color, if you didn't save it)
2. Make sure you draw the "face" of your toy in the central square
3. You can't change the size of the pencil or brush, but if you zoom in, the size stays the same, so you can be more precise
4. Don't use too similar colors, if you have basic printer (for example wings on the penguin are hardly seen in the printed version, so in the final version i made penguin's body light purple and the wings - very dark purple)

Not all of them are perfect, i hope my tips will help you to make sure yours will be!

I've had an only issue so far: each time i'm trying to put my figure online, Foldify crashes. I hope it's a bug on iPad 3 and it will be fixed soon.

There is a wide choice of templates, stamps and tools. Stamps include eyes, mouths, hands and etc.

I used Wacom Stylus + my fingers to create a Whistling Penguin.

The app was developed using Cocos 2D software. Here you can read more about it by Foldify's developer Krzysztof Zablocki -

Feel free to download my Whistling penguin toy and make it!

I think this app is great fun. I really recommend it for everyone. I'm sure not only parents with kids will absolutely enjoy it, but also big kids (like myself) can play with it for hours.
You can buy it in app store. And don't think too long, it's absolutely worth each penny!

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