Thursday, 6 December 2012

Me and London

Tomorrow there is a special day. It will be exactly 2 years that me and my husband moved to London. London has his unique atmosphere. It's spooky, it's always different, it's mysterious and now it's my home.

From my sketchbook

Each time somebody asks me, if the grey sky is a problem, i remember the words of the girl from writing course i did year ago (she was from Hawaii): I came to London, because i love shadows. And i also love shadows! I like the feeling, that it's London, where the Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" takes place. It's London, where there are so many ghost-stories and haunted places. It's London, where you will see foxes and robins in your garden. And it's London, which has knights, dragons, castles, dinosaurs (so many exciting things to draw!)

I wonder, if english dragons fly to the warm countries in the winter...

From my sketchbook

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