Monday, 10 December 2012

Mighty Rhymes app

I was browsing in app store this morning, searching for some inspiration in app market. In the moment i'm working on an interactive book with London based app developing studio. So i spend some time each day playing with existing apps.
And i was really happy to come across the Mighty Rhymes app. It's simple, sweet and funny. It's the interactive rhyme book aimed to kids up to 7 years old.

Mighty Rhymes app home page
The illustrations are very nice, characters are charming and cute. There is enough interactivity and it's part of each little story. You can choose the colour for chameleon, you need to take the cloud away from the sun to see sunny rabbits and etc. Also if you touch the clouds, they will rain, if you touch the trees or bushes, they have leaves falling down. Thanks to this small details, i'm sure, you will enjoy this little app. It's free, so please go and check it out here!
Mighty Rhymes app is developed by the Raketamedia, Moscow. It's available in russian and english.   Only one thing i was not totally happy about: the russian version of small rhymes is much better then the english translation. I hope next time Raketamedia will collaborate with english writers in order to get everything right.

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