Saturday, 1 December 2012

Me and sketchbooks

One year ago i started my first proper sketchbook. There i've put my ideas and drawings (people, places, landscapes, monsters). I don't have many realistic drawings there. I try to twist the reality a bit each time, play with a real object until it becomes something else. Look for example at these two little bean gentlemen on the picture below. It started as a drawing of italian borlotto beans, but because their tops looked like little hats, i drew them as tiny bean men.

Spread from my sketchbook

Or this cat-monster on the spread below. It started as an idea to draw something fluffy and stripy. Then i just played a bit with different colours and forms. I always draw with ink or pen first and then colour it with watercolours later. One day i've decided to try  drawing with gouache and that's how the corgi obsession started. Lots of the ideas, i've put in my sketchbook, have come to life at some point. One actually is about to become an interactive book. I will keep you updated about it!

I share my sketches on Instagram every week

I think keeping a sketchbook is essential for an artist. It's the place of inspiration, it's the land where the good ideas come from. Here are some simple tips to keep your sketchbook alive:

1. Put something everyday, even if it's something small and insignificant (because it has a potential to become something great one day, you never know)
2. Don't be too harsh with yourself, your sketch/idea shouldn't be perfect, play with it, experiment (nobody is going to criticise you)
3. Show your sketchbook to other people, it's always great to exchange ideas with others and have some friendly feedback (it will definitely encourage you to do more drawings and you will see, which artwork attracts more attention)
4. Look through your sketchbook sometimes, there could be inspiration hiding somewhere! 

and it doesn't take any time at all, i spend 5-10 min each day with my sketchbook. 

Just keep drawing! Anything around you

December is the perfect time to start something great! Get a nice sketchbook for this Christmas and start your amazing journey! I've started the new one already. 

Be free in your sketchbook, it shouldn't be perfect

And i would love to see yours sketchbooks, so please feel free to drop me an e-mail with pages from yours -
Some of my old sketchbook's spreads you can see here, some more sketches here.

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