Sunday, 27 January 2013

About art materials i use

A good artist can create a masterpiece even with a finger with ketchup on a tissue. That's right, but i think it helps to have nice brushes, pencils and paper. It's an essential part of the process. I would like to show you, what i'm using for drawing.

Drawings from my sketchbook

Watercolor pencils
I have a box of 36 watercolor pencils Albrecht Durer Fabber-Castell. I use them for character design work mostly. The colors blend nicely into each other, you can make the contour very soft and it's easy to adjust the shadows. First i draw contours and shade with pencils, then use the wet brush, then adjust shadows with pencils, then pass with wet brush again and in the end i add a bit of texture with pencils.

I love watercolor pencils, their colors blend nicely into each other

Watercolor + pen
I have a small Winsor and Newton watercolor pocket box. I like mixing colors, so i'm happy with my 12 colors. I rarely use the color from the pan, i always mix them, even just a little bit. I start with quick pencil sketch, then use Micron 01 to draw the outline, then i erase the pencil (Micron pens have great Pigma ink, which will resist the eraser, but wait 5 minutes to let it dry, it always depends on the type of paper). And finally the best part is to color everything with watercolors!
Maybe you will be surprised but i use only 2 brushes. One is already included in my pocket watercolor box and another one is synthetic 2 Pro Arte 009.

I always have a box of my watercolors with me

Brushpen + pen 
I use ABT Tombow Dual Brush Pen and i have only two colors: dark plum (for dark shading) and purple sage (for light shadows). For the outline i use Pilot G-Tech Ink Pen 0.4 (wait 5 minutes, the ink should dry first, before you put final touches with Brush pen). I like keeping things simple, it's why i have only 2 Brush pens now. The nice thing about brush pens - you can blend the colors into each other. I use this technique while i travel. It's quick and looks nice.

The fastest way to sketch something

Sincerely i don't use it very often. Neiko (amazing illustrator i follow on Instagram) was doing cute drawings with gouache and she advised me Winsor and Newton Designer Gouache. I have Introductory set (10 colors). Occasionally i use it for drawing simple things, like this corgi!

I use gouache for simple characters such as this corgi

Paper is super important for me. After the series of trials and errors i made my choice. The best sketchbook so far is Travel Handbook Journal. The paper is good for watercolor, gouache, ink, pen, brush pen, basically for everything. If you find something better - please email me!
For pencil sketches i use A5 Canson XL Sketchpad or small Muji Sketchbook. For watercolor pencils i use A4 Daler Rowney 150 g/m.

Paper is very important for me

Ipad + Stylus + Paper app
I travel a lot. While i'm waiting check-in or boarding, or even when i'm on the plane, i draw on my Ipad using Wacom Stylus and Paper app. I like the colors in this app and the choice of brushes. It's great for a quick sketch of something cute.

Ipad + Stylus + Paper app

Happy drawing everyone! I hope this post is useful for you and feel free to ask me any questions you have, just drop me an email.


  1. Hey, I agree with you Eugenia, and i like your drawings a lot!!!!!!

  2. Nice Post! And you are right i am surprised by such a limited stock of materials. And i am surprised by your gorgeous drawings. Especially your dogs are adorable, e.g. the one for "illustration friday". Thanks for showing!

    1. You are welcome! I put more stuff in instagram (actually everyday). Do you have it? I woul dlike to follow you as well. My is -

  3. Came here from Illustration Friday - I felt sad about your dog going to heaven...
    But glad I found your blog - love your illustrations and thank you for sharing your materials!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately it did...
      Thank you for kind words!

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm happy you liked the post and my drawings!!!

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