Friday, 18 January 2013

Inspiration: The Phoenix Weekly Story Comic

I love comics. I was working too hard last 3 months, so i totally forgot how much i love comics. It's one of the best way to tell a story. Finally i unblocked the comic's fan inside myself and i've subsribed to The Phoenix weekly story comic app.

It's just amazing, stories are great and funny, artwork is detailed and wonderful. Only problem i have  with the Phoenix is that it finishes too quickly! Here are some highlights from 2 issues i've read last night.

Funny, charming and my favourite "Gary's Garden" by Gary Northfield

Dark, humorous and informative "Corpse talk" by Adam Murphy

Beautiful and breathtaking "Long Gone Don" by The Etherington Brothers

Back in Russia i was doing little stories about princess and her dachshund. They were published together with other artist's stories in comic's books. Then it ended up as a comic book for children "Mirrorspook" published by Comilfo. It's in russian, but you can enjoy the trailer anyway!

I have lots of stories in my sketchbook and i think some of them would be great as comics, because they have very strong visual personality, which would dissappear, if i would just write it as a chapter book or a novel. Lots of nice stuff coming soon!

Don't wait too long, go and download the digital version of the wonderful Phoenix weekly story comic here. Back issues are also available in paper - here.

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