Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I have an agent, wohoo!

One of the milestones of the career of an illustrator is to find an agent. As lots of illustrators know, it's so hard to find one! Of course you can trade without an agent as well and some illustrators manage it very well. But I find it quite helpful to have someone to look at my contracts, negotiate better fees and also find publishing work through their network. 

My portfolio on iPad, on my way to see Plum Pudding Illustration agency first time

When I was looking for an illustration agency, I e-mailed quite a few of them. And it took about two years to finally find one. Plum Pudding is a wonderful boutique agency, they don't have  many illustrators and they are very selective about their clients. I'm very happy to be one of them.

Have a look at my portfolio here

I'm about to start my first commission for an USA publisher! Also I'm investing some time into my personal projects - a couple of picturebooks, one chapter book together with wonderful Myles McLeod and an animated shortfilm. Hopefully I'll be able to share them with you at some point and they all will come into this world.

Brainstorming an idea in my sketchbook, see more here

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